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Why Chose Pet Walker?

Is your pet recently creating a lot of mess and feels cranky at home after a long period of time? 

Its a ongoing cycle that an increasing numbers of Singaporeans are working longer hours in the office, and as a result, most dog owners are not able to give their pets the attention and exercise that they need daily.

Would'nt it be nice to come home from a long day at work, to find your dogs walking in the care of someone trustworthy and your pet likes? 

Such a ease of mind will happen with Dog Walkers.

So there is no need to worry about rushing home after work to let them out!


Your pet’s happiness and safety are our most important priorities.

Know Our Promotions today! Hurry and let us know before we are fully booked!

• Long or irregular working hours

• Pet is alone at home for too many hours.

• Too exhausted and have little energy left to walk your dog daily

• Physical limitations or is unable to walk distances

• Having a very hyperactive dog. A walk will help tire them out.

• People who do not want to leave their dogs without interaction for many hours

Common Reasons To Have a Dog Walker

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